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At Bancorp Asset Management, we provide a wide range of investing options to our clients, including equities, fixed income, and alternative assets.

Our goal is to provide long-term value by providing investment support and advice that is attentive to the interests of our clients.

We work with institutional, high net worth, and retail investors, and we want to establish enduring relationships with each of them.


Private Wealth Management

In managing their financial affairs for the purposes of wealth enhancement, accumulation, and inter-generational asset distribution, we serve as our clients' trusted advisors.
Managed Portfolio: To ensure that our clients achieve their investing goals while taking into account their risk profile, time horizon, and liquidity needs, we combine traditional and alternative assets.
Financial Planning: We do a thorough assessment of our client's financial status and offer suitable investment options.

Institutional Asset Management

While we offer the necessary investment management solutions, institutional investors may concentrate on growing their main company.
Gratuity Funds: Employers might set away money to provide employee benefits when they leave the company.
The retirement profile of the employees is taken into consideration when managing the fund to achieve maximum returns and liquidity.
Employee Savings Plans: We offer employees at an organization an organized and practical savings plan to help them achieve their financial goals.
Liquidity Management: We assist in managing idle cash that can be needed on short notice and maximizing returns.
Cooperatives: : To help cooperative societies accomplish the welfare goals of their members, we offer investing alternatives.


Fixed Income Notes: The Fixed Income Account is made for customers who want to preserve their capital and experience steady growth.
Treasury Bills Direct: We provide our clients with access to Treasury Bills issued by the federal government through the primary and secondary markets, as well as market analysis and advice on anticipated stop rates.
Separately Managed Account (SMA): SMAs are geared toward High Net Worth individuals and institutions, and they are tailored to each client's particular investing goals.
Our investment advisory and portfolio management teams use cutting-edge ideas and well-established procedures to build custom portfolios that perform at their best.
This is carried out with strict adherence to the portfolio's risk tolerance and established objectives.

Eurobond Investment noted : The EIN is an investment in dollars created for clients who want to keep their investments in US dollars while generating lucrative returns.
USD Money Market Investment (MMI): The MMI provides an opportunity for short term investors to earn competitive returns on dollar denominated assets. For additional information, please contact us.
GBP Money Market Investment (MMI): For investors who want to keep their assets in GBP while generating competitive returns, the GBP MMI offers a chance.
Mutual Funds: Regardless of their income, risk tolerance, or investment objective, we provide a variety of pooled investment options for both individual and institutional participants.
They are appropriate for people who desire to make regular, disciplined investments for future financial objectives.
Either make a one-time investment or make ongoing savings. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria oversees our mutual funds.